Hello, Larry here is my paper on my experience this summer. Enjoy It is a page :)

 Love Amanda 

 “Focus on your driving, stay on your line. Don’t worry on the other driver’s they will go around you. Good luck; you can do it Sparky.” The line that was just quoted was from Larry on my very first race. It was something that sticks with me and something that get’s me through a race. The Derik Whiting is an inspirational organization. I have personally known the Whiting family since I was little, as Marlena was my hair dresser. The moment I heard that Larry had made a foundation in memory of his son I was inspired. Derik was a great person all around. He was the life of the party as I am told. He lived life to the fullest and is greatly missed. The foundation was formed in memory of Derik. It is to help teens who are struggling with overcoming life’s tough decisions. I recently suffered from depression and after being in The Derik Whiting Foundation, I am more confident, outgoing and feel good about the way I am as a person. 

Larry has been very supportive of me and has helped me through a lot, and for that I am forever grateful. I have learned a lot from this program and it has helped me learn how to problem solve when I get into a situation. This past summer I got the chance to be the driver for Derik’s old number, number nine. I was honoured that I got a chance to try to fill Derik’s racing shoes. The first day working on the truck I was nervous because I knew nothing about cars, but Larry reassured me that I would learn. I could not wait to get out on the track and try out the truck for the first time. Joel Clancy who is the number 25 driver in the trucks helped me test out my truck the very first time. I got my time down to 16.3 seconds after a long day of practice and spinning the truck. It was an adrenalin rush My heart was racing and I did not want to wreck the truck. The first race of the season I was so nervous for the feature race where all the trucks were out on the track. It was only ten laps in when the largest wreck of the season happened. 

Tires were flying, trucks were going into the walls and the infield. Yet I managed to drive through with not a dent on the truck. As the season went on the races got tough, tempers flared in other drivers but it was all worth it. I had my fair share of wrecks and a lot of blame was put on me, as I was the rookie. I learned from my “Yoda” Larry that “It’s just racing, we’re out here to have fun”. He was right, I had so much fun racing I learned so many new skills and made a lot of friends. The Derik Whiting Foundation means the world to me. It showed me strength, determination, confidence and to be my own person. I will always remember my very last race of the season. My heat was up and I was pumped up and ready to show the other driver’s that the rookie had some fight left in her. I placed third and I was so proud that I place in a heat race. 

I did it not only for myself but for Larry. The feature race was next and I was determined to place at least tenth. I was being a fighter as Mark Heywood put it I was being like Kyle Busch, giving them a bump and letting them know I was there. It was only five laps in and I wanted to get up there fast, that was a mistake, I went three wide in a corner and lost control and hit the wall hard. My neck was swollen, collarbone moved and very sore. I learned my lesson. Altogether though, this past summer racing fixing the truck, late nights and early mornings. I would not trade it for the world. It was a great experience and I am thankful and honoured Larry chose me to race this season.

“Take it easy, don’t wreck the truck Sparky”. -Larry Whiting 

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